I have kinda decided that maybe I should start my “diet” every day.  The weight usually comes off really fast in the beginning and it is so much easier to be focused for one day.  How many times have said “one day at a time?” Do we ever really mean it?

Let’s think about it- I could set my goal to lose 1 pound tomorrow.  It’s early in my weight loss, that should be attainable.  But, if I miss my goal, I set a new goal for the next day and move on.  I focus really for one day at a time!  And think about those days like yesterday…i crushed that goal- I lost 2.6 pounds yesterday.  Can I get a heck ya?! Isn’t this so much better than having weekly or total goals?  I think I just had a little aha moment here!

And not every daily goal needs to be about a number on a scale.  Maybe it will be making a healthy food choice at a meeting, or taking a walk, or going to bed at a decent time…but set a goal on this journey for each and every day.  My goal for Wednesday is to lose another pound (weigh in on Thursday).  I will check in with you and report on my progress Thursday!  

Please share your thoughts with me on this new approach.

And, since my life is not 100% focused on my health journey, I wanted to share a little seasonal decorating I have on my desk.  Just this year, I moved offices at work.  For almost all of my adult working life, my office has been behind the scenes. But in March, I moved into an office that is very visible to all customers.  I decided that maybe it was time to do a little holiday decorating.   In the picture, you will see my inspiration (idea from a fellow blogger) and the actual decoration on my desk.  I love how it turned out and look forward to continuing as the seasons/holidays change!