I am completely humbled by the love and support you all have sent my way!  Here we are at Day 1 and so far so Good!  How many people decided to get going today on their health journey?  

I did it.  I have journaled all that I have eaten today.  I have resisted the cookies at work.  I am doing this!

A goal for this evening is to get on that Gazelle tonight.  Probably going to need to dust it off, but I did already put the skirt away that I always hang on it to dry.  That’s a step in the right direction, isn’t It?  Ha!  How about I set the goal for tonight at 15 minutes?

I mentioned earlier that I have received lots of support from all of you.  Many of you have shared kind and motivating words.  Some have shared a meme or two…my favorite so far “Wake Up, Kick Butt.  Repeat.”  Heck ya!  Another friend brought a little plant to me at work today-representing my new journey it was a new plant.  How awesome is that?  And, what a wonderful and visual reminder that I am on this journey.  It will stay on my desk and give me the strength to say no to all of the temptations we encounter at work!  Again, thank you to everyone that took a moment to say “You got this” or all of the other words you shared!

So here’s my Day 1 picture.  Not a full body shot, but this is 303# Nancy.  Let’s say goodbye to her!