I have planned to do this many times this year.  Every time I had good intentions to actually follow through.  I made declarations at times that “this time” I was going to do it.  And, nearly every time I failed.  I have gained back everything I lost from the one time I was successful this year.

You all know what I am talking about…AGAIN.  I need to lose weight and I need to start now.  But not only do I need to lose weight, I need to fix whatever it is inside me that keeps me here or brings me back here every time!  I have tried to use special events as motivation.  I have tried to motivate myself by knowing I need to be healthier to watch my son grow in to an old man.  Now it’s time to stop the tricks and know I need to do this for myself.  Plain and simple, if I want to be the person I know I can be, if I want to be the mom and wife I know I can be, if I want to be the leader I know I can be then this is what I need to do.  

This is not going to be easy.  There are going to be moments, days, and maybe even weeks.  The reward will be so worth it.

Today I am doing the prep work.  I am satisfying some cravings and making sure I have things in place to start strong tomorrow. I am starting out with journaling what I eat on My Fitness Pal.  I am going to begin regular exercise.  I have not decided what that will look like yet.  I am going to work towards eliminating soda.  I’m going to see where these changes get me in 30 days.  

Over the next 30 days, I will be sharing on here my successes and struggles.  I will probably over share and I apologize in advance for that.   But, I know that will help me be accountable.

I have contemplated this for a while…what if I shared my weight on my blog.  The actual number.  It is big and it is scary, but if I’m serious about all of this it will NEVER be here again.

Well, I start this all tomorrow.  I have until then to make that decision.  You will have to check back in tomorrow to see if i did it or not.

I encourage all of you to consider doing this with me.  If you aren’t ready to start tomorrow or even this week, please continue to follow me and maybe you will be inspired to start your own journey on your own way!

Thank you for always reading and encouraging me!  This time is the time!