Pumpkin is EVERYWHERE this time of year!  I think it might be on the verge of ridiculousness, but who am I to say? I have been through many autumn seasons and abstained from all of the pumpkin craziness. 

But this year, the pumpkin craze spilled over to my creativity attempts.  I organized a little pumpkin decorating contest at work. It was so fun to see what everyone did.  I contemplated what I was going to do.  We couldn’t carve the pumpkins.  I tried to think of something that was either a reflection of me or represented one of my interests.  One of my first thoughts was to do a K-State design, but I thought this too predictable.  The next thought was something related to sewing.  I thought about painting a quilt design onto the pumpkin.  Then I reminded myself that I really suck at painting.  I went in search of an idea.  Thank goodness for this Internet thing!  

While searching for quilted look pumpkin ideas, I saw so many cool ideas.  I considered changing my design.  I really liked my idea, but I didn’t think it was going to be good enough to win.  In the end, I found an idea to mod podge fabric onto the pumpkin.  I wanted it to look like  scrap quilt.  I went to JoAnn’s and the idea became a reality.

I still don’t think it will win the contest, but I love my end product.  Not only did I being my idea to life, but I mod podged!  I thought that was pretty fun.  Might have to do some of that for Christmas this year!

I do love being creative.  I’m so glad I had a reason to force myself to do something this weekend!  I have another project that has been hanging over my head for over a year…and now I need to just do it!  The good news, no pumpkin flavoring involved in my next project!

And by the way, did you know that most things sold as pumpkin flavored is most likely primarily squash and has very little pumpkin in it?!  Yeah, I listen to John Test and his Intelligence For Your Life!  🙂

I hope you take some time this fall to do what you enjoy!  And if you do, share with us what how you are enjoying life!