Very excited for this afternoon.  I’m spending some quality time with my son at a Mini Makers Faire.  

We have only been to this particular Makers Faire one other time, a couple years ago.  It is in the same town as my college alma mater and so there are several university engineering clubs showing off their talents.  It is really cool.  The most fun part is watching my son take it all in.  He has such a mechanical mind and really loves to see these things.  You can literally see his mind working.  As his mom, it’s more enjoyable to see his mind working while learning something rather than figuring out the right way to word a sentence to ask to play video games in a different way!

Science is one way that I have found to connect with him.  He and my husband have music which is SUPER cool, but not really my thing.  But science is our thing.  Would you believe I started college as a biology major?  I wanted to be a genetic engineer.  I didn’t want to do crazy scary things, but wanted to do the cool and good for the world things.  But, during my sophomore year of college I took microbiology and really questioned my interests.   Truthfully, if I didn’t have such a strong interest in beer drinking, I probably could have stuck with it.  But, somehow I found myself in a business course and fell in love with the black and white, balanced world of accounting. 

So now as I work day in and day out as a banker, I take opportunities like today to go back to one of my first loves-science.  And how perfect that I get to share it with another of my loves-my totally awesome son!

I hope you are doing something totally fun today with the ones you love!