I did it! I walked for 30 minutes over my lunch break.  Because it was a hot Kansas day-this last day of summer- I went to the gym and walked.  

That was my first experience of going to the gym and doing the whole locker room changing bit.  I was not prepared for the wet floors.  How are you supposed to change back in to work clothes without getting your pants all wet?  There is a pool at the gym and so the locker room floor was all sorts of wet.  

I tried my best to not get my pants wet as I was changing back into my clothes, but it was not pretty!  In fact, a woman coming from the pool using a cane says to me, “Once you get yourself together, I’ll grab my bag under the bench there.”  I told her I didn’t know if I was ever going to be together!  My goodness!

But, I did it and I will do it again.  Let’s just hope the locker room part gets easier!

Help me feel better about my locker room struggles today- and share your gym/locker room stories!  PG stories only…this isn’t Trumps locker room talk!