This afternoon I am looking for a couple recommendations, and I’m hoping you can help me!

I am new to Spotify.  I am looking for recommendations for podcasts to listen to on Spotify.  I find the options for podcasts totally overwhelming.  There are SO many choices.  I totally find myself judging the podcasts by their “cover.”  I don’t want to waste a bunch of time listening to them and deciding I don’t connect or care about the topics covered in the podcasts.  So, do any of you listen to podcasts?  Which ones are you listening to?

Speaking of podcasts–I think it would be a ton of fun to be able to do a podcast.  I have a friend or two who I think would have a blast doing this with me.  Have any of you ever tried?  I truly don’t know the first thing about starting a podcast, but I kinda think that is a bucket list thing for me!

And, so back to Spotify…if you aren’t familiar, it is an app for music and podcast listening.  I am curious if anyone is listening to a specific artist or genre that they are loving right now?  I feel like checking out some new stuff!

Have you noticed the randomness of this post?  Well, it is about to go just a little bit more random…to food.  What are you cooking this week?  I need to plan our meals and do some grocery shopping and always enjoy some new ideas.  So throw out some ideas, suggestions, things to avoid, whatever.

Or maybe you can throw out some of your own randomness!  Happy Sunday to you all!