I discovered a couple years ago that I liked blogging.  I have decided to kick it up a notch and become a regular blogger!  This blog will primarily be about a continual desire to improve myself.  I believe that even our best version of ourselves has room for improvement.

There are the obvious and typical things that I want to improve–my weight, which will lead to improved health.  And, then there’s my approach to life–I want it to ALWAYS be positive and true.  And, then there’s my desire to be the best mom and wife I can be–and then be even better than that.  And, lastly but most importantly is my relationship with God.  This relationship is the most important and might be the weakest.

My hope is that in sharing my journey to improve myself and these specific areas in my life you will be inspired to make some changes too.  And, who knows if we are all working towards being our best selves, we might cause a big change in the world.

This is a journey and I hope you will join me on it…let’s see where it takes us!